Anyone who’s been to see us at Vetrica will have noticed the funky keyboard and mouse sets that we use. These are Medigenic infection control keyboards, with a typical cost of £150 per set.

So why do we use such expensive keyboards when you can pick up an ordinary one in the supermarket for less than £10?


Why the Medigenic Keyboard?


The key is in the name: Infection Control. Standard keyboards and mice are impossible to clean, especially in a veterinary surgery where animal hair and dander is in the environment at all times. Before we acquired these keyboards, I used to pull the keys off, wash them, clean out all the hair from under the keys, then painstakingly re-assemble everything. This was a very time-consuming job, so could only be done a few times a year. At the end of the day, the keys would need cleaning again, and there would be hair under the keys.

Dirty keyboards can spread infection from one patient to another, especially where skin disease is concerned. Even with the highest standards of personal hygiene, the keyboard is the common factor between patients. I always wash the consulting table after every patient, and wash my hands (and wear disposable gloves if necessary). But if the keyboard is dirty, it’s all for nothing.

These infection control keyboards are fully sealed with a rubber membrane, and the surface is completely flat. This means hair can’t collect under the keys, and dirt can’t build up around the keys. (I’ve seen other brands of wipe-able keyboards with keys that do protrude, which would be much more difficult to clean).

If necessary they can be cleaned after every patient in seconds, by simply turning them off, and wiping them with a disinfectant wipe. This means the keyboard and mouse is cleaned when required, rather than when we have time.

We have these throughout the surgery, at both our branches. This is just one of the ways we have invested in your pets’ safety at Vetrica.