It’s Great When This Happens

Microchipping is the best way to ensure your pet is returned to you if they are lost. I received a lovely card from a client the other day, a lady whose cat we returned to her through her microchip. The cat had been living in a greenhouse a few streets away, and had been missing for several months. We scanned the cat, and the microchip allowed us to identify her as a patient of ours. One quick phone call, and she was reunited with an obviously delighted and relieved owner, as you can see:-

Photo of a Thank You card

We get a couple of phone calls a week from people looking for lost cats, and the sad truth is that many of these will never make it home. Some will have inevitably been killed on the road, but many are found and taken to be scanned for a microchip. Where there is a chip we get stories like the one above. The sense of relief and joy is overwhelming. But where there is no chip, the cat has an uncertain future. The lucky ones are cared for by Cats Protection or other welfare societies, hopefully eventually finding another home. The original owner of the cat will never know what happened to them.

Tried and Tested Technology

Microchipping is not new. I microchipped my first animal in 1993; that’s 24 years ago. At the time we charged the equivalent of £47 in today’s money to do this, and there was a further fee every year to keep your pet on the microchip database. Most microchips that we implant today are for £11.50, and include lifetime registration. It’s quick and easily done, with only minimal discomfort for the animal. There are even cat flaps available now that will scan every cat trying to get through, and only let your cat in.

It really is a no-brainer. There are no downsides to having your cat microchipped. It’s compulsory for dogs over 8 weeks of age now, but dog’s are far less likely to be lost than cats. For such little effort on your part, the potential rewards are enormous.

I’ll Give You a Discount Too!

If you haven’t had your cat microchipped yet, then give us a call and arrange for it to be done. Mention this post before 31 May 2017, and I’ll give you an extra 10% off too!