Vetrica Policies – Pet Insurance


The information given on this page is our understanding of the law as it relates to the completion of pet insurance forms, but should not be taken as a definitive statement of the law.

It is also our understanding that the Financial Services Authority have agreed that the requirement to complete an insurance form and return it to the client prior to posting to the insurers is unenforceable, and will not, in fact be enforced.

Therefore, although our formal policy is as stated on this page, we will be happy to complete and forward all insurance forms free of charge where you do not personally wish to see the form before posting. We retain copies of all insurance forms, which we are happy to supply you with if desired.

Completing Insurance Forms

In January 2005 the law regarding the completion of pet insurance claim forms changed. From then, unless the veterinary practice is an authorised agent of the insurance company:-

It is illegal to complete an insurance form and post it without first returning it to the insured person.

Since Vetrica opened in December 2001, we have been happy to complete all insurance forms and forward them to the relevant companies without charging. We have also been happy to accept payment directly from the insurance companies concerned. However, the new rules have a serious impact on us.

Completing insurance forms is a time consuming process, (occasionally a very time consuming process) that we have tended to do during quiet periods, or even after the surgery had closed. We will no longer be able to do this when accepting payment directly from the insurance company, as you will be required to be present. Therefore, from 1st January 2005, our policy on insurance form completion has changed.

Claims Less Than £150

Payment must be made by the client, which can then be claimed back from the insurance company. There will be no charge for insurance form completion in this event.

Claims More Than £150

If you would like us to be paid directly by the insurance company, you must pay any anticipated excess, and an administration fee equivalent to our reduced examination fee. You will need to check with your insurance company if they will repay this fee. For the purposes of payment of relevant excesses, we will assume that your insurance company will not pay this fee. You will also need to make an appointment to have your claim form completed. We do not accept payment directly from E&L regardless of the amount.

Claims for Pet Plan

With the change in the law, we have decided to become authorised agents for Pet Plan. As such, claims from Pet Plan are largely unaffected by the new rules. We will continue to accept direct payment and offer free of charge insurance form completion without the £150 limit.

It is with regret that we have introduced these changes, but there is nothing we can do about the new legislation. If you have any further queries please speak to any member of staff.