Dog Health Section – Safeguarding for Dog’s Health

In this section you will find an ever increasing library of information about dog health and welfare with detailed discussion about a number of different diseases and conditions. We try to add new articles to this section as often as possible.

Note: For information about puppies, see here.Dog Health Plan

All dogs should be protected from flea and worm infestations. These serious problems are the most common source of suffering in the dogs seen at Vetrica. Dogs should also be vaccinated against the serious infectious killer diseases.

At Vetrica we offer combined protection against all these diseases in one package, with a large discount and many additional services at markedly reduced rates. We call this the “Dog Health Plan”, detailed as follows:

A HEALTH EXAMINATION and ROUTINE BOOSTER VACCINATIONS for distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, and parvovirus administered by one of our vets.

COMPLETE FLEA, LICE AND MITE PREVENTION with Stronghold, which provides continual protection against fleas, lice and mites (sarcoptic mange).

ONE YEAR’S SUPPLY OF MONTHLY WORMER using Stronghold. Monthly worming is the gold standard for the control of dangerous roundworm infestation. We also provide an additional quarterly treatment for hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms using Cazitel Plus.

A 6 MONTH HEALTH CHECK by a veterinary nurse, at which stage the second pack of Stronghold will be dispensed.


We guarantee your dog will not have fleas (after 3 months of correct use), or we fix it free†.

We will send you a reminder for the 6 month check up.

As a member of the Dog Health Plan, you are also entitled to the following valuable discounts, valid for a full year:

  • Less than half price microchip. Permanent microchip identification for only £11.50.
  • 10% off all waiting room sales*. This includes collars, toys and treats as well as Hill’s Science Plan and our own brand high quality hypoallergenic dog and puppy foods.

This plan would cost over £182 if taken as individual items. If you enrol for the “Dog Health Plan” we are able to offer you an excellent discount and an option to spread your payments.*

  1. A single fee of £103.20* payable at the time of vaccination.
  2. Spread the cost over six months: an initial payment of £17.20 (by cash/cheque/card), followed by five payments of £17.20* payable by monthly Direct Debit.

Note †: All dogs and cats in the household must also be treated with Stronghold (or Program Injection for cats) for the flea free guarantee.

Note *: Dogs that are more than 40kg in weight (88lbs) require additional packs of Stronghold which is charged extra. Please ask for further details if you think this may affect you.