Vetrica Policies – Vetrica does not use suture materials made from animal products

This cassette contains a suture material called “catgut”. It is a very commonly used material for the dissolving, internal stitching of animals. Catgut is made from the intestines of cattle and sheep. There are clear ethical considerations regarding the use of such a material. Many people, and especially vegetarians would object to the use of cattle intestines in this way if they knew about it. However, there are two serious, technical problems associated with the use of this substance.

In affected cattle, the intestines are a rich source of the B.S.E. agent. Although the risks of B.S.E. transmission to animals due to the use of catgut are very small, it is theoretically possible.

Catgut breaks easily when knotted, and has an unreliable rate of breakdown within the body. It is treated as “foreign” material by the immune system, and marked inflammatory reactions are occasionally seen with its use.


This cassette contains a synthetic material called “Visorb”, and cost more than twice as much as catgut. Visorb dissolves very predictably in the animal, and shows less tendency to break when knotted. There is absolutely no risk of B.S.E. transmission. Despite the much greater cost.

Vetrica, has never used, and will never use catgut suture materials.